With over 20 years of experience in the digital field, I am a versatile and award-winning professional who combines design, development, and marketing skills to create engaging and memorable online experiences. I am currently a UX production designer at mbl.is, one of the biggest media outlets in Iceland, where I work on enhancing user experience on all platforms and developing new solutions to reach an even bigger audience.

I am also the founder and co-owner of two successful businesses: Pipp, a full-stack development, UI/UX design, and online marketing agency, and Skapalón, an innovative online booking software for tours and activities. I have created and managed numerous projects and brands from scratch, delivering unique and well-thought-out solutions that stand out from the crowd. I am passionate about continuous learning and improvement, and have earned multiple certifications in user experience design, digital marketing, and miniMBA. I am fluent in Icelandic, English, and German, and have excellent communication and collaboration skills. My goal is to help clients and users turn their vision into reality.


2021 – 2022 / Iceland


UX production designer

MBL.is is one of the biggest media outlets in Iceland, with an average of 170.000 users per day. I was hired to enhance user experience on all platforms and develop new solutions to reach an even bigger audience.

2020 / Iceland


UI / UX design consultant

I came on board as a UI/UX design consultant for RÚV, the Icelandic national broadcaster, in 2020, creating a wire frame for RÚV’s online presence. The aim was to enhance the usability and re-think the purpose, look and feel of the national broadcaster.

January 2018 – March 2020 / Iceland


Development and Marketing Manager, UX / UI designer, Full Stack Web Developer, Online marketing

I am the sole UX designer of dv.is. I also work in the team of brand development and am a sole developer on this project. Furthermore, I work closely with editor-in-chief on the creative side and fine tuning the ethos of DV. Dv.is had 70.000 daily visits when I took over as marketing and development manager, but has now nearly doubled its visit count due to rebranding.

As well as rebranding the website for dv.is I have worked closely with the editor-in-chief and layout team to develop the brand on print, building a way for those two media platforms to work together. This rebranding entailed working on re-designing the paper, which is published weekly, and making way for more innovative and creative layout ideas to support articles, exposes and in depth features.

Part of the rebranding involved finding new ways for DV to maximize visitor count using various forms of media. I set up a studio on site, making it easy for journalists and others to do both video and sound recordings on site. This has led to podcasts, videos and other media content, which supports the overall brand but also increases performance and creativity.

Furthermore I have worked on DV’s social media presence to maximize visitor count and overall performance. I have also simplified the lines of communication between divisions, advising how material can be used most efficiently through all media channels that DV has to offer.

During my twenty years in the field I have created a lot of brands that have grown to become successful. I have created brands from scratch, designing and developing sites that stand out from the crowd. My track record is extremely good in delivering well thought out and unique brands. I’ve also helped numerous agencies to set up businesses, advising how brands are created and helping with hiring staff.

November 2014 – January 2018 / Reykjavík, Iceland


Founder & Co-Owner, UX / UI designer, Full Stack Web Developer, Online marketing

Web designer/developer with SEO and online marketing skills.

July 2015 – December 2015 / Reykjavík, Iceland

Bókun ehf.

Head of Sales and Marketing

I got the chance to take part in the development for markets outside of Iceland at Bókun. Furthermore I was in charge of finding new sales and marketing opportunities in Iceland for a growing start-up, which Bókun was in those days.

December 2011 – October 2014 (2 years 11 months) / Iceland, Switzerland


Founder & Co-Owner, Full Stack Web Developer, Online marketing

I founded the web agency WEDO and in a matter of months it was one of the biggest web agencies in Iceland, working for domestic companies but also catering the needs of some big, international clients.

January 2011 – December 2011 (1 year) / Iceland, Netherlands

Five Degrees

Chief Interactive Architect, UX / UI designer

Five Degrees is a company that combines state-of-the-art technology and sound financial knowledge to create unique digital solutions for today’s banks and for people who like banking to be quick and easy. I am proud to say that I was a part of their journey as chief interactive architect.

January 2010 – February 2011 (1 year 2 months) / Iceland


Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Chief web officer

I co-founded the web agency Skapalón and soon after it opened me and the team enjoyed great success in the Icelandic marketing, winning numerous awards for original and progressive online solutions and unbeatable web presence and usability.

August 2008 – January 2010 (1 year 6 months) / Iceland

LazyTown Entertainment

Director of web department / Super hero

LazyTown is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle for children, in a positive, entertaining and catchy way and is recognized world-wide through channels such as the successful television series, live events and branded consumer products. This way LazyTown encourages kids to be more active and lead healthier lives.

October 2005 – 2008 (3 years 3 months) / London – United Kingdom

GRE Freelance

Web Designer / Web Developer

I worked on projects like Daily Mail and CNN with a company called Brand42 and also on other smaller projects.

May 2002 – October 2005 (3 years 6 months) / London, Leeds – United Kingdom

Zoomedia Limited

Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Chief web officer

Zoomedia is a plain speaking, open and honest company that provides creative services in web, identity and print.

March 2000 – May 2002 (2 years 3 months) / Guildford – United Kingdom


Senior Web Developer

Worked as a senior web developer with amazing people. The web department, which I was a part of, eventually set up their own web agency; Zoomedia and worked with Differentis on various projects. I feel blessed to have met the people of Differentis.