I am the sole UX designer of I also work in the team of brand development and am a sole developer on this project.

Furthermore, I work closely with editor-in-chief on the creative side and fine tuning the ethos of DV. had 70.000 daily visits when I took over as marketing and development manager, but has now nearly doubled its visit count due to rebranding.

As well as rebranding the website for I have worked closely with the editor-in-chief and layout team to develop the brand on print, building a way for those two media platforms to work together. This rebranding entailed working on re-designing the paper, which is published weekly, and making way for more innovative and creative layout ideas to support articles, exposes and in depth features.

Part of the rebranding involved finding new ways for DV to maximize visitor count using various forms of media. I set up a studio on site, making it easy for journalists and others to do both video and sound recordings on site. This has led to podcasts, videos and other media content, which supports the overall brand but also increases performance and creativity.

Furthermore I have worked on DV’s social media presence to maximize visitor count and overall performance. I have also simplified the lines of communication between divisions, advising how material can be used most efficiently through all media channels that DV has to offer.