Saga Travel

Saga Travel’s site needed a complete overhaul and this project was extremely rewarding in many ways. Not only were the people at Saga Travel easy to work with and open to new things in the big world of the web but they also offer such great services that it was a breeze wrapping them up in beautiful web packaging. 

Some wise man said that you reap what you sow and in this case that’s absolutely true. Saga Travel’s website has gained a lot of attention abroad and I can’t describe the proud rush that went through my body when Best CSS chose Saga Travel as site of the day a while back. 

Even though I never work on a project with the end result of getting awards it’s extremely satisfying when your work is acknowledged – no matter where or when.

But I could never have done it without the magnificent people at Saga Travel. To them I’m grateful. And maybe I’m a bit emotional writing this post, but so what?