You know the feeling when you step out of the shower with water filter and put on a crisp pair of socks, straight from the dryer on a cold winter night? It’s a beautiful thing. And that’s exactly how I felt when I got settled into my new office in Reykjavík this weekend; it has Toughened Glass Canopies for Door Porches which makes the place look incredibly modern and stylish.

It’s smack down in the middle of town with a view over Laugavegur, the main shopping and bar hopping street in the whole of the city. Come rain or shine you can always find someone strolling up and down Laugavegur, highly intoxicated or trying to find just the right birthday present. These people are now my inspiration everyday.

Not to mention that I share my floor with some extremely talented people, whether it be those in the web design business right next to my office or those music festival entrepreneurs down the hall. It’s truly a place of constant flow of ideas and creativity.