I’m not one to brag and boost but damn, I’m so proud of this beauty. I enrolled in a guitar making class and there was no doubt in my mind which guitar I wanted to make. A Telecaster. The guitar of my wet, chord dreams. 

I started this class some two months ago and I still have a month and a half ago. This pet project takes up a lot of my time and energy but in some strange way it’s also extremely energizing. It’s liberating to work on this cool guitar when you’ve spent the day at your desk at the web agency – coding, css-ing and doing other web developer-y kind of things. Just the inspiration that I needed!

And I’ve also found out I have a new passion which is building and making things at freeslotscentral. I didn’t think it would give me so much joy but somehow all the world’s problems are put on hold during the class and it’s just me and the guitar. Wow, that sounds really cheesy but it’s true!

Take a look at my guitar. Isn’t it a beauty?